About reservation of booth

More detailed information of booths and pictures of them can be viewed by clicking "Show".

Free booths can be reserved by clicking "Buy".
Click "Buy" and pay the invoice of reserving fee. By paying the fee at latest on the due date will confirm the reservation, lack of payment will abort the reservation.

The rest of booth payment will be invoiced about 1 month before the event.

About ordering basic and extra furniture

Order to your booth basic and extra furniture. Ordered furniture will be mounted by construction and removed on the end day. The invoice of extra furniture has 14 days period for payment. 

The basic furniture means 125/135x35x70 cm lecture room table and chairs. Basic furniture must be ordered beforehand even they are free of charge. All ordered furniture will be mounted in place. 

Every booth will get 130x25 cm size name plate automatically without any order. If you will have your logo, trademark etc. printed on the name plate, pls send us a message and printable file by email to itk@mandat.fi. 
By extra fee it is possible to have two or more name plates or special printed (e.g. full colored) name plate. 

Every booth will get automatically without any order electrical connection for small use with 3-4 plugs.

News & Information letters

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